Cannot Grant ReportsReadOnlyRole to User

Cannot grant ReportsReadOnlyRole to a User is an error that you might receive when attempting to deploy Skype for Business monitoring reports – a component that should always be configured alongside any Enterprise Voice deployment due to the wealth of information that it can provide on the quality and quantity of the communication sessions that take place inside your environment. Skype for Business monitoring reports are not deployed during the publishing of the monitoring databases themselves, and should instead be deployed desperately using the Skype for Business deployment wizard. During this process you are asked for a set of credentials for use by the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for access to your already deployed monitoring databases.
cannot grat reportsreadonlyrole to userThe Cannot grant ReportsReadOnlyRole to a User error will occur if you suffer from something I like to refer to as FQDN Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where if like me you always use fully qualified names for hostnames and domain etc. – that’s good practice right?

cannot grant reportsreadonlyrole to userIn order to correct the issue, ensure you are using the NetBIOS name of the domain rather than the fully qualified domain name. This will allow the relevant permissions to be granted to said user and successfully complete the monitoring reports deployment.

cannot grant reportsreadonlyrole to user

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