Polycom VVX Alternate Ringtone Bundle (Unofficial)

The Skype for Business qualified VVX series of desk phones produced by Polycom have fast become the device of choice for many organisations and IT professionals due to their rich feature set, well pitched price point, and polished finish. In addition to working very closely with Microsoft, the backing these devices receive from a large majority of socially active MVP’s and other UC evangelists has kept the series firmly in the spot light since our move on from Lync Server 2013. That said, and as trivial as this is – the ringtones kill me. I’m not sure if the acoustics aren’t right in the room where a bunch of guys sit to select these tones, or if there’s a chap on a ride-on lawn mower nearby making it difficult to hear, but most end users will concur that the selection is rather ‘trilly’ to say the least 😉

Naturally I’m kidding, and there’s not a single sinew of seriousness in this at all. I’m sure ringtones are near the bottom of the list for everyone involved – but as someone who does their fair share of floor walking on a go-live date, it is true that end users are often unimpressed when it comes to them completing their final action before venturing out into the world of unified communications – selecting their ringtone (unless you’ve been particularly cruel and controlling on your Polycom provisioning server). As a result I’m often asked by the client to provide something other than the default options, and have retained the tones I’ve provided for further use to prevent repeated effort;

Download the Polycom VVX Alternate Ringtone Bundle (Unofficial)

You can grab the alternate ringtone bundle from the TechNet gallery using the above link, hopefully saving you any effort in hunting down and converting custom ringtones yourself. The audio files have all been procured through royalty free means without any copyright infringement, but I should mention that they are in no way affiliated with Polycom themselves. I have made particular effort to keep them suitable for corporate and professional environments, so there’s no remix of your favourite 80’s anthem or crazy frog song I’m afraid. Each tone is a 16000Hz 16bit PCM WAV file, making it suitable for all Polycom VVX Business Media phones.

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